How To Up-cycle Your Kusmi Tea Tins

How To Up-cycle Your Kusmi Tea Tins

There’s nothing quite like a freshly brewed cup of Kusmi tea in the morning to help you overcome your morning anxiety and uplift your mood. Kusmi Tea is a tea brand that is well-known for its rich flavors and health benefits such as their herbal and detox qualities. In addition to this Kusmi’s metal packaging is designed to achieve sustainability and have low environmental impacts.

You can use the tin cans Kusmi tea comes in for other creative purposes as well. Upcycling your metal packaging is not only beneficial for the planet but also your wallet and sense of creativity. You can add a new mini plant pot to your kitchen garden as well as free yourself from the hassle of plastic disposal. Continue reading to find out some of the creative and useful ways you can up-cycle your Kusmi tea tins.

Kitchen Supplies

One simple way you can reuse your empty Kusmi Tea tin is by continuing to use it for its original purpose: storing tea. Most of their teas, both loose leaf tea and tea bags, are available in resealable refill bags. You can simply refill your existing tin by purchasing one of these bags instead of a new tin, helping reduce waste.

In addition to this, you can store your basic kitchen supplies such as spices, rice, coffee, dried herbs, baking supplies, and more in your upcycled tins. Kusmi Tea tins can also be used as an easy-to-grab, portable snack container for chips, granola, crackers, nuts, and cookies.

Plant Or Flower Pots

Empty Kusmi Tea tins can also be used to make vessels for growing fresh herbs. You can place them on your kitchen windowsill. It’s a perfect location for your tea tin herb garden as it usually receives plenty of natural sunlight. You can also use these tin pots to brighten your office workspace.

If you are not sure about planting real plants or are worried about their maintenance, you can use fake plants instead. Make sure the tin cans do not have any sharp or rough edges that could cut your fingers while handling. You can paint the tea tins or cover them with stickers to suit your aesthetic.

Office Stationery Holders

The Kusmi Tea tin is the perfect shape and size to be used as stationery holders and desk organizers. You can ensure that your workspace stays neat and tidy by storing your pens, pencils, markers, paper clips, and scissors in designated tins. You can use different colors to store each type of item to give it a more organized look. This storage technique will make it easy for you to find the exact tool you are looking for as soon as you need it. Additionally, you can add labels for even better organization.

Craft Room Supplies

Craft rooms can quickly become an out-of-control mess, especially when little kids are involved. You can easily lose all sense of organization when storing various types of art supplies, usually of small sizes and in large numbers. This cluttered mess of a room serves as a source of stress that can inhibit your imagination and creativity.

You can reuse your empty Kusmi Tea tins in many different ways to organize your art and craft room. Use your upcycled tins to stash beads, stickers, and loose buttons, or to tuck away spools of thread and yarn. You can also use it to organize your pencils, crayons, paint brushes, paint pens, scissors, and sewing needles.

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