Is Kusmi Tea Good For Your Health?

Is Kusmi Tea Good For Your Health?

There is nothing quite like a freshly brewed cup of Kusmi tea in the morning to help uplift your mood and overcome your morning anxiety. Kusmi Tea is a tea brand, initially founded in Russia by Pavel Kousmichoff, and is well-known for its herbal and detox qualities. It offers many health benefits, and its rich flavours can make anyone love it at first sip.

Currently, Kusmi Tea is owned by Orientis Gourmet and has headquarters in Paris, France. Most flavours of Kusmi tea have organic recipes and use fresh ingredients. Below we have mentioned some of the tea’s important health benefits and why you should add it to your daily diet routine.

Helps Boost Immunity

Steeping tea leaves in hot water releases their flavour along with potent vitamins, antioxidants, and many minerals. These minerals, especially high in ascorbic acid and vitamin C levels can significantly boost one’s immunity. Vitamin C is also known to lower the risk of catching a common cold and reduces the severity of its flu-like symptoms.

Moreover, some varieties of Kusmi tea are also known to carry antifungal and antibacterial properties. These properties are essential to help fight various microorganisms in the environment that can harm your health.

Relieves Pain

Kusmi herbal teas have been popular for centuries for their anti-inflammatory properties. These properties make certain kusmi teas effective remedies against muscle pain and body aches caused by certain illnesses. In particular, they help decrease the pain experienced by some people in their joint and muscle areas.

Improves Digestion

Whether you have had a little too much to eat or you need a light drink to help soothe your upset stomach and improve your digestive system, Kusmi green tea can be a great way to relax and improve your digestion. Kusmi ginger lemon tea, for example, has powerful anti-inflammatory effects that can help calm your stomach problems and increase your metabolism. Some Kusmi teas also decrease bloating by assisting the body to metabolize rich and heavy foods.

Moreover, unlike many other teas, most Kusmi teas are caffeine-free. Caffeine may stimulate your gastrointestinal tract and lead to an upset stomach, diarrhea, and nausea.

Prevent Various Diseases

We know that certain Kusmi teas have anti-inflammatory properties and help boost immunity. However, some herbal Kusmi teas with antioxidants in the ingredients can also help prevent various chronic diseases. This is because antioxidants can target and remove free radicals from the body.

Free-radicals can severely damage cells and tissues, leading to many chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, inflammatory diseases, cataracts, and even cancer. Antioxidants in Kusmi teas can help prevent free radical-induced tissue damage by scavenging these radicals and promoting their decomposition.

Improves Skin Health

Kusmi tea can do wonders for your skin. They are very popular in the beauty beverage industry and offer potent natural ingredients that help detoxify your skin and prevent your skin cells from ageing.

Kusmi detox tea, for example, can help remove excess fluid from your body and boost toxin removal, which can lead to clearer, softer and healthier skin.

Popular Flavours Of Kusmi Tea And Their Benefits

Kusmi tea comes in a variety of flavours. Some of its most classic blends that Macbeeners offers include:

  • Kusmi Aqua Exotica, which is a caffeine-free, herbal infusion of tea with fruits, that helps you feel calm and relaxed
  • Kusmi BB Detox, which is a blend of green tea with pomegranate, helps boost your energy and the metabolism
  • Kusmi Kashmiri Tchai is a blend of black tea with spices. The Cardamom in this tea helps lower the blood pressure
  • Kusmi Ginger Lemon Green Tea is perfect for preventing throat infections and stomach problems
  • Kusmi Be Cool is a theine-free blend of verbena, licorice and peppermint. It helps treat heartburn, acid reflux, and coughs

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