Keeping Your Business Clean With Avmor Janitorial Supplies

Keeping Your Business Clean With Avmor Janitorial Supplies

Having good quality janitorial supplies and products is vital to keep your business clean. Cleanliness gives a good impression of your business, choosing not to invest in good quality cleaning products and instead opting for less expensive and poorer quality ones, is a waste of your money and time and gives a poor impression of your business. Especially after the pandemic has made it even more necessary to follow the SOPs and make sure that your place is free of any germs and bacteria.

Avmor cleaning and janitorial supplies are manufactured to provide optimal cleaning solutions while keeping health and safety standards a priority. Being in the cleaning industry for over 65 years, Avmor has considered the importance of cleaning to contribute to the health and safety in every place regardless of the nature of business.

macbeeners provides sanitization and cleaning products by Avmor. From cleaners and disinfectants to cleaning equipment, Avmor has it all.

What Do We Offer From Avmor?

macbeeners prioritizes its customers' health and wellness, which is why we are offering top-quality cleaning essentials from Avmor. From cleaning agents to hand lotion soap, you can find everything you need to keep your business clean. At macbeeners, we sell the following Avmor products:

  • Degreasers
  • Window and glass cleaner
  • Disinfectant cleaner
  • Hand lotion soap
  • Urinal and porcelain cleaner
  • Cream Cleanser

Why Choose Avmor?

Many cleaning products in the market claim to provide 99% protection from germs. However, most of them can't give you enough protection and contain harmful chemicals. Such products can be hazardous to your health when they fail to give an effective cleaning solution.

With Avmor, you are left satisfied with the quality and performance their products provide. There are many reasons to like Avmor, and their commitment to ensuring providing healthy cleaning solutions is one of them. macbeeners care about their customers and, therefore, supply the best possible cleaning essentials for maintaining high cleaning standards.

Maintaining Health And Safety In "Away From Home" Spaces

For over 65 years, Avmor has been serving in the cleaning industry to ensure health and safety in "away from home" spaces. It always prioritizes the safety of its customers by manufacturing cleaner and greener cleaning products. Unlike other disinfectants with harsh chemicals, Avmor products are eco-friendly and soft with no harmful effects.

Avmor Is Certified

A clean business is a happy business. Make sure you get certified products for your business. Avmor cleaning products are ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 14001-2004, DIN, NPN, and FDA qualified, approved facility and manufacture using cGMP procedures. These certifications ensure that investing in Avmor products will be a safe choice for you.

Serving Numerous Markets

Avmor proudly serves numerous markets, including building contractors, food services, healthcare, education, corporate offices, and senior living facilities. Their contractual manufacturing offers you peace of mind and turnkey solutions from purchasing to blending, packaging, and labeling.

About macbeeners

macbeeners is proud to be a part of selling quality cleaning products and serving its customers better health. We are great partners with Avmor, and share a mutual focus to help you grow your business while maintaining a clean environment in your business vicinity. Contact us for more information about Avmor products.

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