Benefits Of Having First Aid Supplies At Home And In The Office

Benefits Of Having First Aid Supplies At Home And In The Office

Accidents and falls occur when you least expect them. Imagine having someone in your home who has fallen down the stairs, and having no way to comfort them. Not everyone has a hospital or dispensary in their vicinity. Older people and children are more prone to falls and trips that can also lead to broken bones and other serious injuries.

Therefore, having a first aid kit prepared and ready at home is important in order to be able to handle these types of situations as they occur. Being ready and having a first aid kit with the basic essentials can save lives. This blog post mentions why it is beneficial for you to have a first aid kit, especially at your home and office.

It Gives Instant Necessary Aid

While a first aid kit might not be able to provide you with a complete cure or comfort for your wounds, it can provide you with the instant aid you need. If you are injured or require medical help, a first aid kit can give you a temporary solution until a medical doctor or emergency service arrives. However, you must always make sure that the medicine inside your kit has not expired, and any items such as injections or similar items are disposed of after usage.

It Helps To Save Lives

Not all professional emergency help is readily available, and some might take more time to reach you then others due to traffic or other reasons. A first aid kit, on the other hand, can help you save the lives of your family members and colleagues when emergency help doesn't arrive quickly. It can help prevent major blood loss and provide temporary relief to the injured.

It Prevents All Types Of Infections

Injuries can expose the internal part of your skin of which, if not catered to on time, can lead to serious infections. Such infections can spread to the whole body, thereby causing other serious problems. A first aid kit helps to protect your wounds when they are at their most vulnerable. You can put a plaster or a bandage on them to keep them safe from germs and bacteria, which can cause an infection.

Your Company Will Be Safe

Having a first aid kit in the office not only looks professional but also helps to keep your employees safe. Your workers will feel valued and protected while working in your company. Moreover, it also helps to build better relationships among employees when they help each other in their hour of need.

In addition to this, you are required by law to keep a first aid kit within the offices’ premises. Not doing so can give employees and visitors an option to sue you.

It Reduces Your Recovery Time

Timely aid to your injuries can significantly have a positive impact on your injuries and reduces the recovery time you need from those wounds. If you protect them from further infections on time, it can prevent them from getting further damaged. This speeds up your recovery time.

You Learn How To React In Emergency Situations

Having a first aid kit teaches you how to respond in situations when someone gets injured. You not only learn how to keep your poise but also learn the applications of various medical equipment. This helps prepare you for worst-case scenarios where your family members or co-workers might need your help.

What Should Be Included In A First Aid Kit?

  • safety pins
  • antihistamine cream or tablets
  • distilled water for cleaning wounds
  • disposable sterile gloves
  • tweezers
  • scissors
  • aspirin or ibuprofen
  • eyewash and eye bath
  • alcohol-free cleansing wipes
  • sticky tape
  • antiseptic cream
  • painkillers such as paracetamol
  • plasters in a variety of different sizes
  • small, medium, and large sterile gauze dressings

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