PriMed ASTM Level 3 Anti-fog Mask



ASTM LEVEL 3 ANTI-FOG FOAM MASK ABOUT THE MASK: Based on ASTM F2100 standards, this mask provides the highest level of protection during medical procedures. Advanced fluid-resistant and filtration capabilities of the mask protect from fluids and particles during wound care, line changes, dental work and procedures with a high risk of fluid splash when handling trauma or caring for ER or ICU patients. SOFT MASK AND EAR LOOP MATERIAL Carefully engineered and clinically preferred for extended periods of use without discomfort WIDE NOSEPIECE WITH ANTI-FOG FOAM Constructed with high-quality aluminum and an anti-fog strip made of soft, open-celled foam, providing enhanced visibility and comfort. ULTRASONICALLY WELDED SEAMS Ensures mask layers remain secure and rest comfortably against the clinician’s skin. Level 3 Barrier BFE (%): ≥ 98 PFE (%): ≥ 98 ΔP (mmH20/cm²): <6 Fluid Resistance: 160mm Hg Flame Spread: Class 1 Colour: Indigo