Plum Neutral Eye Wash


500ml bottle, 2-3 year expiration date. 

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Plum PH Neutral Eyewash will neutralize acid and base substances and provide effective protection against serious eye injuries. The product features phosphate buffer properties with documented efficacy in chemicals-based eye injuries.
  • Recommend wash time: 2 min.
  • 4,9 % sterile phosphate buffer for neutralization of acid and base that comes into contact with the eye
  • Washing with pH Neutral is recommended to be followed by washing with Plum Eyewash
  • Easily manageable bottles
  • Ergonomic eye-cups for the effective flow
  • DUO eye cup for simultaneous washing of both eyes
  • User-friendly design allows the bottles to be quickly opened with a single hand
  • Disposable bottles; do not reuse
  • Made in Denmark, Europe