Plum Eye Wash & Wound Spray


250ml bottle, 2-3 year expiration date. 

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The new Plum wound and eye spray offer you quick and effective help in the care of small wounds such as scratches and cuts on the skin or dust and dirt in the eye. It helps you to minimize the risk of infection or consequential damage. Plum wound and eye spray can be carried easily and is easy to use. Spraying is possible from all directions. The uniform spray jet of the sterile 0.9% sodium chloride solution is strong enough to wash out foreign bodies and dirt from wounds, but at the same time gentle for rinsing the eyes. In the spray can, the liquid is separated from the LPG with a bag. The bag in the container is firmly connected to the spray can valve so that no propellant gases can escape (bag-on-valve system). Ideal for industry, production, laboratories, transport of dangerous goods, first responders, fire brigade, military, emergency services, and emergency assistance.