Kusmi White Bellini


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Free-flowing white tea with peach and apricot! The big day has arrived! Your dream brunch is within reach… As soon as you walk through the door, your eyes begin to shine. A truly extravagant feast awaits, with armchairs as enticing as the canapés at the buffet. And all topped off by opulent, bespoke interior design. On your table, a pyramid of champagne glasses stands ready to welcome the star of the cocktail world: the White Bellini. Exquisite, it is packed with creamy fruits, juicy peach and velvety apricot, all backed by a white tea base, of course. This tea is the most delicate of them all, as only the youngest shoots are picked. The elixir is served like a waterfall as you indulge to your heart’s content. And quite right too – it’s so delicious! You hope this moment never ends… And you’re in luck! The White Bellini is a cocktail you can enjoy as much as you want. Everything’s so much better when it lasts forever. White Bellini is an organic, next-generation cocktail to make you feel peachy (with a hint of apricot!).