Kusmi The Essentials Gift Set


24 sachets

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The Essentials Tea Gift Set includes 24 tea bags of black, green, and herbal teas. It’s a gift that’s sure to delight! The Essentials tea bags assortment includes 24 muslin tea bags featuring 12 of Kusmi Tea’s most popular flavors. There’s something for everyone! Fans of our classic blends will enjoy savoring a cup of Prince Vladimir, Anastasia, Kashmir Tchai, St. Petersburg, or Imperial Label. BB Detox, Detox, and Be Cool are three popular blends from our Wellness collection. For those who love pure and unflavored black teas, our Darjeeling N°37 and English Breakfast are sure to become your new breakfast favorites. Finally, for fans of flavored green teas, our Spearmint green tea and Jasmine green tea blends are particularly pleasant after a meal. Are you looking for gift ideas? This tea set is the perfect way to share our bestselling recipes. Kusmi Tea has been producing all of its tea bags in France since 2019. Made of a new eco-friendly material (Polylactic acid – corn-stash) our tea bags have a very tight mesh filtration that holds in the smallest particles and is completely transparent, showing the entire tea leaves, pieces of fruit, spices, and the colors in the blends.