Kusmi Glogg


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Comfort coming straight from the north with this hibiscus and blackcurrant spicy, organic herbal tea. Oh, the magic of Scandinavian Christmas! You’re sure to find cinnamon cookies and hat-wearing reindeer. But, what really brings warmth to these chilly countries is glögg, a spiced mulled wine—a traditional recipe that Kusmi has reinvented into a herbal tea. Our organic Glögg will warm you up in just a few sips and is best enjoyed by the fireplace with your loved ones. Just like its tart hibiscus and blackcurrant notes that blend with the captivating flavors of cinnamon, licorice and cardamom. Your heart will melt this winter for Glögg: comfort coming straight from the north! Available in loose leaf (because it’s also good for the planet) or in teabags for when you’re on the go.