Dustbane Aqua Scrub Cleaner + Polish




This one-step cleaner and polisher has efficient cleaning abilities and a fresh lemon mint scent. Its high viscosity allows it to cling to surfaces to give optimum contact time. An effective acid replacement cleaner that provides a deep cleaning for multiple surfaces.

How To Use

Shake well before use. Ready to use, no mixing required. Apply directly to surface to clean using a sponge, bowl brush, scouring pad or wet cloth. For stains, allow longer contact time before wiping. Rinse thoroughly with water.

Where To Use

Acid cleaner replacement. Suitable for many different surfaces such as toilet bowls, urinals, sinks, washbasins, tubs, shower stalls, fixtures, ceramic tiles, countertops, kitchen appliances, and metal surfaces.

Additional information


1L, 4L Jug