BROOD DRNX Nitrogen Infuser


Ships in 1-3 weeks


TAKE YOUR DRINK SERVICE TO THE NEXT LEVEL Nitro drinks have always been a bit of a hassle. Finding the space for a kegerator/fridge, refilling nitro canisters, infusing nitrogen over time, trying to get nitro to events by moving the whole system: it’s just a pain in the gas. However, one Canadian company has focused on bringing nitro to the masses in a compact, innovative, and now super stylish package, BROOD. The groundbreaking DRNX BY BROOD draws from any container, keg, or bag; chills it to 36°F and infuses it with nitrogen extracted from the air. So why is this perfect for you and your business?
  • It’s portable so you can set up shop anywhere simply to make the best of any opportunity
  • It has a small footprint and can sit on a counter or table and even in a food truck or coffee van
  • It will never run out of gas so you’ll be making drinks for as long as people are in line waiting to pay so you’ll never miss a sale
  • Nitrogen infusion levels can be easily adjusted from a dial on the front panel
  • No gas means no more tanks saucing time and money in the long run
  • It’s designed by one of Toronto’s top design firms so it won’t look out of place in a coffee shop or a cocktail bar
  • It can infuse nitrogen into any non-carbonated drink allowing your creativity to run wild