Aiya Matcha To Go Unsweetened


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By blending Matcha with dietary fiber, we have eliminated the majority of Matcha clumping.* Similar to our Ceremonial Grade Matcha, Matcha To Go is intended to be used with water exclusively to enjoy the pure, smooth tea flavor.

All of Aiya’s Matcha is produced in the Nisho region of Aichi prefecture, Japan, where the finest Matcha has been grown for over 800 years.


  • Kosher Friendly.*
  • Non-GMO.*
  • Each box contains 10 single-serving packets (15g / stick).*
  • Family owned since 1888.*
  • The world’s leading Matcha green tea producer.*
  • Ceremonial Grade Matcha.*
  • Rich in Antioxidants.*
  • No Sifting or Whisking.*