How To Up-cycle Your Kusmi Tea Tins

How To Up-cycle Your Kusmi Tea Tins

How To Up-cycle Your Kusmi Tea Tins

There’s nothing quite like a freshly brewed cup of Kusmi tea in the morning to help you overcome your morning anxiety and uplift your mood. Kusmi Tea is a tea brand that is well-known for its rich flavors and health benefits such as their herbal and detox qualities. In addition to this Kusmi’s metal packaging is designed to achieve sustainability and have low environmental impacts.

You can use the tin cans Kusmi tea comes in for other creative purposes as well. Upcycling your metal packaging is not only beneficial for the planet but also your wallet and sense of creativity. You can add a new mini plant pot to your kitchen garden as well as free yourself from the hassle of plastic disposal. Continue reading to find out some of the creative and useful ways you can up-cycle your Kusmi tea tins.

Kitchen Supplies

One simple way you can reuse your empty Kusmi Tea tin is by continuing to use it for its original purpose: storing tea. Most of their teas, both loose leaf tea and tea bags, are available in resealable refill bags. You can simply refill your existing tin by purchasing one of these bags instead of a new tin, helping reduce waste.

In addition to this, you can store your basic kitchen supplies such as spices, rice, coffee, dried herbs, baking supplies, and more in your upcycled tins. Kusmi Tea tins can also be used as an easy-to-grab, portable snack container for chips, granola, crackers, nuts, and cookies.

Plant Or Flower Pots

Empty Kusmi Tea tins can also be used to make vessels for growing fresh herbs. You can place them on your kitchen windowsill. It’s a perfect location for your tea tin herb garden as it usually receives plenty of natural sunlight. You can also use these tin pots to brighten your office workspace.

If you are not sure about planting real plants or are worried about their maintenance, you can use fake plants instead. Make sure the tin cans do not have any sharp or rough edges that could cut your fingers while handling. You can paint the tea tins or cover them with stickers to suit your aesthetic.

Office Stationery Holders

The Kusmi Tea tin is the perfect shape and size to be used as stationery holders and desk organizers. You can ensure that your workspace stays neat and tidy by storing your pens, pencils, markers, paper clips, and scissors in designated tins. You can use different colors to store each type of item to give it a more organized look. This storage technique will make it easy for you to find the exact tool you are looking for as soon as you need it. Additionally, you can add labels for even better organization.

Craft Room Supplies

Craft rooms can quickly become an out-of-control mess, especially when little kids are involved. You can easily lose all sense of organization when storing various types of art supplies, usually of small sizes and in large numbers. This cluttered mess of a room serves as a source of stress that can inhibit your imagination and creativity.

You can reuse your empty Kusmi Tea tins in many different ways to organize your art and craft room. Use your upcycled tins to stash beads, stickers, and loose buttons, or to tuck away spools of thread and yarn. You can also use it to organize your pencils, crayons, paint brushes, paint pens, scissors, and sewing needles.

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Benefits Of Having First Aid Supplies At Home And In The Office

Benefits Of Having First Aid Supplies At Home And In The Office

Benefits Of Having First Aid Supplies At Home And In The Office

Accidents and falls occur when you least expect them. Imagine having someone in your home who has fallen down the stairs, and having no way to comfort them. Not everyone has a hospital or dispensary in their vicinity. Older people and children are more prone to falls and trips that can also lead to broken bones and other serious injuries.

Therefore, having a first aid kit prepared and ready at home is important in order to be able to handle these types of situations as they occur. Being ready and having a first aid kit with the basic essentials can save lives. This blog post mentions why it is beneficial for you to have a first aid kit, especially at your home and office.

It Gives Instant Necessary Aid

While a first aid kit might not be able to provide you with a complete cure or comfort for your wounds, it can provide you with the instant aid you need. If you are injured or require medical help, a first aid kit can give you a temporary solution until a medical doctor or emergency service arrives. However, you must always make sure that the medicine inside your kit has not expired, and any items such as injections or similar items are disposed of after usage.

It Helps To Save Lives

Not all professional emergency help is readily available, and some might take more time to reach you then others due to traffic or other reasons. A first aid kit, on the other hand, can help you save the lives of your family members and colleagues when emergency help doesn’t arrive quickly. It can help prevent major blood loss and provide temporary relief to the injured.

It Prevents All Types Of Infections

Injuries can expose the internal part of your skin of which, if not catered to on time, can lead to serious infections. Such infections can spread to the whole body, thereby causing other serious problems. A first aid kit helps to protect your wounds when they are at their most vulnerable. You can put a plaster or a bandage on them to keep them safe from germs and bacteria, which can cause an infection.

Your Company Will Be Safe

Having a first aid kit in the office not only looks professional but also helps to keep your employees safe. Your workers will feel valued and protected while working in your company. Moreover, it also helps to build better relationships among employees when they help each other in their hour of need.

In addition to this, you are required by law to keep a first aid kit within the offices’ premises. Not doing so can give employees and visitors an option to sue you.

It Reduces Your Recovery Time

Timely aid to your injuries can significantly have a positive impact on your injuries and reduces the recovery time you need from those wounds. If you protect them from further infections on time, it can prevent them from getting further damaged. This speeds up your recovery time.

You Learn How To React In Emergency Situations

Having a first aid kit teaches you how to respond in situations when someone gets injured. You not only learn how to keep your poise but also learn the applications of various medical equipment. This helps prepare you for worst-case scenarios where your family members or co-workers might need your help.

What Should Be Included In A First Aid Kit?

  • safety pins
  • antihistamine cream or tablets
  • distilled water for cleaning wounds
  • disposable sterile gloves
  • tweezers
  • scissors
  • aspirin or ibuprofen
  • eyewash and eye bath
  • alcohol-free cleansing wipes
  • sticky tape
  • antiseptic cream
  • painkillers such as paracetamol
  • plasters in a variety of different sizes
  • small, medium, and large sterile gauze dressings

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Keeping Your Business Clean With Avmor Janitorial Supplies

Keeping Your Business Clean With Avmor Janitorial Supplies

Keeping Your Business Clean With Avmor Janitorial Supplies

Having good quality janitorial supplies and products is vital to keep your business clean. Cleanliness gives a good impression of your business, choosing not to invest in good quality cleaning products and instead opting for less expensive and poorer quality ones, is a waste of your money and time and gives a poor impression of your business. Especially after the pandemic has made it even more necessary to follow the SOPs and make sure that your place is free of any germs and bacteria.

Avmor cleaning and janitorial supplies are manufactured to provide optimal cleaning solutions while keeping health and safety standards a priority. Being in the cleaning industry for over 65 years, Avmor has considered the importance of cleaning to contribute to the health and safety in every place regardless of the nature of business.

macbeeners provides sanitization and cleaning products by Avmor. From cleaners and disinfectants to cleaning equipment, Avmor has it all.

What Do We Offer From Avmor?

macbeeners prioritizes its customers’ health and wellness, which is why we are offering top-quality cleaning essentials from Avmor. From cleaning agents to hand lotion soap, you can find everything you need to keep your business clean. At macbeeners, we sell the following Avmor products:

  • Degreasers
  • Window and glass cleaner
  • Disinfectant cleaner
  • Hand lotion soap
  • Urinal and porcelain cleaner
  • Cream Cleanser

Why Choose Avmor?

Many cleaning products in the market claim to provide 99% protection from germs. However, most of them can’t give you enough protection and contain harmful chemicals. Such products can be hazardous to your health when they fail to give an effective cleaning solution.

With Avmor, you are left satisfied with the quality and performance their products provide. There are many reasons to like Avmor, and their commitment to ensuring providing healthy cleaning solutions is one of them. macbeeners care about their customers and, therefore, supply the best possible cleaning essentials for maintaining high cleaning standards.

Maintaining Health And Safety In “Away From Home” Spaces

For over 65 years, Avmor has been serving in the cleaning industry to ensure health and safety in “away from home” spaces. It always prioritizes the safety of its customers by manufacturing cleaner and greener cleaning products. Unlike other disinfectants with harsh chemicals, Avmor products are eco-friendly and soft with no harmful effects.

Avmor Is Certified

A clean business is a happy business. Make sure you get certified products for your business. Avmor cleaning products are ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 14001-2004, DIN, NPN, and FDA qualified, approved facility and manufacture using cGMP procedures. These certifications ensure that investing in Avmor products will be a safe choice for you.

Serving Numerous Markets

Avmor proudly serves numerous markets, including building contractors, food services, healthcare, education, corporate offices, and senior living facilities. Their contractual manufacturing offers you peace of mind and turnkey solutions from purchasing to blending, packaging, and labeling.

About macbeeners

macbeeners is proud to be a part of selling quality cleaning products and serving its customers better health. We are great partners with Avmor, and share a mutual focus to help you grow your business while maintaining a clean environment in your business vicinity. Contact us for more information about Avmor products.

Beat The Heat With Our Easy Kusmi Iced Tea Recipe

Beat The Heat With Our Easy Kusmi Iced Tea Recipe

Beat The Heat With Our Easy Kusmi Iced Tea Recipe

Summer’s here in full swing, and the temperature is only going to get high going forward. There’s no better way to stay cool and stay off the heat during a hot, sunny day than kicking back with a refreshingly cool iced tea.

Give your summer drink favorites a refreshing twist with Kusmi Tea. Add a little more flair to your summer season with our super easy and simple iced tea recipe, which is the perfect addition to any refreshing drink.

Get ready to beat the heat and enjoy this summer season with our Kusmi Iced Tea Recipe below!

Making Ice Tea With Kusmi Tea Bags

Making Ice Tea With Kusmi Tea Bags
  • Add ¼ liter of water into a pot and bring it to a simmering boil.
  • Take 2 sachets (or per taste) of Kusmi tea and infuse them in water for 3 to 4 minutes.
  • Add some ice cubes in a pitcher so that it is full up to ¾ liter.
  • Now, pour the brewed Kusmi tea mixture over ice in the pitcher, and mix well.
  • Garnish some lemon for an extra kick, and add some syrup for extra sweetness if you want.
  • Your iced tea is ready! Sip up and enjoy!

Tip: Cool and store in an airtight container for up to one week.

Try our various flavored Kusmi tea bags to make new and delicious iced tea every day this summer!

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Gojo – The Best Brand For Your Shop

Gojo – The Best Brand For Your Shop

Gojo - The Best Brand For Your Shop

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for soap, hand sanitizers, and similar products rose, causing little to no availability in the market as people were over-stocking. Fortunately, the vaccine is becoming more commonly available now, and people are shifting towards their normal routine. However, we learned the hard way that not all cleaning products can clean your hands, and many are scams. Knowing which products are real and work is crucial to saving your money and protecting you from harmful microorganisms.

The pandemic situation is not yet fully under control, and there is still a high demand for hand sanitizers and soaps. Thankfully brands such as Gojo have earned their customers’ trust and offer USDA BioPreferred Certified® cleaning products. Trusting in Gojo will be rewarding for you in terms of cleaning and selling similar products. Some of the pros of buying Gojo’s products for your business are as follows:


When it comes to trusting cleaning products, you are always skeptical. However, Gojo is a name you can trust providing quality products that will increase your sales. From scrubbing formulations to cleaning stubborn soils, you can count on Gojo for any cleaning product. They also manufacture smart soap dispensers.

Cleans Thoroughly

Many cleaning products that became common during the start of the pandemic were ineffective as they failed to kill germs and harmful pathogens. In contrast, the gel hand cleaner of Gojo washes off any germs from your hands and prevents them from coming back.


People trust brands that are certified for their quality and safety. Gojo’s products are USDA BioPreferred® certified, which means that it comprises biological products and renewable materials. Adding them to your catalog or shop will help boost your business as people trust the Gojo brand.

Happy Customers

With Gojo, everyone is happy. People know that a clean and welcoming environment can make a good impression, so they opt for Gojo products. No matter the type of business such as healthcare, education, offices, dental, etc, Gojo products will keep everyone clean and safe. Their products don’t contain harsh chemicals and are safe for everyone.

Soft On Skin

Save your skin from getting chapped and dry in the winter with Gojo hand care products. Its hand medic is an amazing product to help maintain the right moisture levels of your skin preventing it from drying out. Moreover, its mild foam hand washes are light and dye-free. They are also enriched with skin conditioners, and moisturizers that are Ecologo certified, making them a superb choice for beauty-conscious females.

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How To Make The Perfect Latte

How To Make The Perfect Latte

How To Make The Perfect Latte

Everybody likes fresh and hot brewed coffee in the morning. Without it, they become sluggish and inactive for the rest of the day. A perfect latte with a strong aroma of coffee is what they need to kick start their day. Or, if you have to enjoy a gathering with your friends, a cup of perfect coffee can make the meeting more memorable.

When you fail to make the perfect cup it only ends up giving you more anxiety because of the amount of caffeine in it but may cause you to drink a decaf one instead. So, how can you prepare the perfect cup every time? Knowing a good recipe, having a good method, and knowing of a few other helpful tips can help you achieve the perfect latte every time.

What Is A Latte?

A latte is one of the most desirable and often-bought coffee types in the whole world. It includes two or more shots of espresso, hot steamed milk and is creamier than a cappuccino. It was a popular choice of coffee in Seattle during the 80s. The difference between a latte and a cappuccino is that the latte has a more subtle taste while the cappuccino is stronger. Furthermore, it has a high ratio of steamed milk.

Tips For Making The Perfect Latte

Creating the perfect latte is an art that not only your neighborhood barista can do but you can too. You can also turn your latte into the perfect blend of your choice. Here milk and aromatic coffee are the main ingredients that mix to create a smooth textured latte to match your taste buds. Plus, the magic of your coffee brewer can make it tastier. An espresso machine is a key factor in making your coffee more enjoyable. An espresso coffee maker with a milk frother is the easiest way to make the perfect cup of coffee every time.

Starting with the milk, it should not be stale because you don’t want to ruin your whole coffee experience. You can use any milk to make a latte, but the more fat that is in it, the more the foam will be.

Grind the coffee up to the consistency of table salt. For this, you can use a blade grinder for freshness, ease, greater control, and homogenous results.

Steamed milk is the next step. You will need an espresso wand or a coffee brewer for this. Macbeeners provides many commercial coffee brewers and beverage machine options. If you have any questions about the types of coffee brewers we sell contact us.

Your coffee machine should heat the milk up enough; otherwise, it will not produce the taste you want. We suggest filling only 1/3 of your milk jug and being careful not to exceed 76 degrees Celsius.

Achieve the perfect espresso by the extraction process of the coffee machine. Testing out the different extraction times will determine its bitterness or other taste of the coffee. So, you can adjust your time on the machine according to what you like. A perfect espresso will have a medium-dark brown tinge.

Now, start to pour the milk over the espresso, and your latte will be a nice brown color. Enjoy your coffee.

Why Having A Coffee Machine Is Important

To achieve a perfect cup every time you must have an efficient coffee maker to create the espresso you want. Moreover, it will take forever to brew multiple cups without a proper coffee machine. Coffee tastes better with a coffee maker because the extraction process is done right.

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Why A Slush Machine Is The Perfect Addition To Your Business

Why A Slush Machine Is The Perfect Addition To Your Business

Why A Slush Machine Is The Perfect Addition To Your Business

Slush is an iconic summer drink that is a favorite among adults and children. It is a combination of sweet ice with tasty flavors adding tropical taste and color to the drink. Summer will be at its peak soon, and everyone will rush to find cold beverages to ease themselves. Instead of opting for unhealthy fizzy drinks to quench your thirst, you can always opt for slushes.

Slushes are a great relief that give you a refreshing boost of a sweet icy drink. You can find slush machines in every drink shop and in supermarkets, kiosks, and snack bars.

Having a slush machine can be a perfect addition to your business, especially in the summer. You can boost impulse sales by attracting customers for a slush drink. This blog post highlights all the benefits of why a slush machine can be a great addition to your business.

Simple To Use

Slush machines are simple to use as they can revamp your drinks by offering multiple tastes simultaneously. You just put the ingredients in it, and it starts working on its own to create refreshing slush of different flavors. You can make 8-10 different flavors depending on the model of the machine, and in 30-60 minutes, your slushie is ready. They also maintain the right texture of the slush by maintaining an optimal temperature which prevents them from melting or freezing.

Gives A Massive Marketing Impression

Everybody is attracted to those icy flavors churning in the container. This makes it a great marketing tool for customers in the summer. You can also use decals and stick them on the slushie machine for advertising purposes.

Get A Generous Return On Investment (ROI)

The initial price for the slush machines might seem higher. However, the slushie machine will reward you in the long run. Don’t let the initial cost stop you from buying a slushie machine. It will give you a higher Return On Investment (ROI).

Stay Trendy

Nowadays, frozen cocktail and slushie machines are available that have a variety of functions. They can make those frozen cocktail recipes as well as slushes. This combination is becoming popular among customers, and adding them to your menu can attract new triers and people who like to have trendy drinks.

Variety Of Drinks

You can enjoy a variety of drinks simultaneously using a slushie machine. You can either enjoy a frozen drink of many flavors or have a regular slush. You can also turn your drinks into the iced tea flavor of your choice or use pre-made frozen cocktail slush syrups. Let your customers decide what they want from you or make a creative drink by mixing a few flavors.

For All

Slush machines are not limited to making slushies for kids and youngsters. With the option of new exciting flavors, you can always turn your drink into whatever flavor you want. In short, everyone is happy, and you attract people of all ages.

So, no matter if you own a pub or a cinema, having a slush machine can boost your sales and attract new customers to your place.

Here at Macbeeners, we have a variety of slush syrups for your slushie machines. We have unique slush syrup flavors, including cotton candy, rootbeer, bubblegum, iced cappuccino, smoothies and so much more!

Importance Of Using Safety Gloves For Various Businesses

Importance Of Using Safety Gloves For Various Businesses

Importance Of Using Safety Gloves For Various Businesses

Many professionals worldwide require workers to be in situations that can turn into an unfortunate situation in a blink of an eye. A single wrong move or delayed reaction can put an employee in harm’s way, resulting in minor and major injuries. Most of these injuries are caused by tasks that require handling harmful chemicals or operating dangerous equipment. Therefore, it is undoubtedly significant for all employees at a workplace, be it a simple coffee shop or a major construction site, to wear the right protective gear.

An important component of safety gear is wearing safety gloves. Many jobs require handling such items that can cause injury to a worker’s hands and arms. It is of the utmost importance that every workplace upholds the health and safety regulations set out by OSHA by providing the right gloves to its staff. It is important for avoiding injury and ensuring fewer off days due to injury.

It is essential for business owners and other employers to know what standards need to be complied with for their specific industry. By adhering to the safety regulations relevant to their industry and providing staff members and site workers with the correct gloves and other PPEs, employers will let people know that they value their employees’ safety and uphold the integrity of their business.

Avoid Injuries By Wearing Gloves

You can avoid injuries by wearing the right safety gloves at your workplace as they protect against:

  • Puncture wounds
  • Cuts & scrapes
  • Chemical & heat burns
  • Hazardous substances that can irritate if absorbed by the skin
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Biological agents such as viruses and bacteria
  • Loss of fingers, nails, and skin
  • Needlestick injuries

Gloves are also important as they can help prevent cross-transmission, contaminating various samples with foreign DNA, blood, and more.

Choosing The Right Safety Gloves

Safety gloves come in all types of styles and varieties. You need to ensure that the gloves you select match your workplace’s safety hazards and needs and select the right type of gloves. Keep the following things in mind before selecting the right one:

  • Areas of arms and hands requiring protection
  • Hazardous materials at the worksite
  • Resistance experienced while doing tasks
  • Nature of contact with potential hazards
  • Time duration of contact
  • Grip requirements for each job

For the safety and comfort of your employees, you should also take the following things into account when choosing gloves:

  • Grip strength
  • Manual dexterity
  • Breathability
  • Size & fit
  • Comfortable seams
  • Duration for wearing gloves

Professions That Require Safety Gloves

  • Doctors & healthcare staff like nurses
  • Laboratory technicians
  • Construction workers
  • Food industry workers
  • Chefs and other restaurant staff
  • Police and detectives
  • Emergency responders like firefighters
  • Nail technicians
  • Baggage handlers
  • Window cleaners
  • Event stewards
  • Cafeteria workers
  • Cleaning & janitorial Staff
  • Maintenance & automotive employees
  • Childcare workers
  • Gardeners

Apart from the professions mentioned above, all jobs that require handling of high-touch items must use gloves for protection against transmission of diseases such as covid-19 and the common flu.

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Purell Multi Surface Spray: The Ultimate Disinfecting Solution

Purell Multi Surface Spray: The Ultimate Disinfecting Solution

Purell Multi Surface Spray: The Ultimate Disinfecting Solution

Purell Multi Surface spray is back!!! This is the ultimate sanitation product for any business of any type.

Kills 36 Germs in 30 Seconds. No Rinse Required.

Purell Professional Multi-Surface Sanitizer & Disinfectant is a one-step disinfectant and cleaner that dissipates quickly leaving no streaks or sticky residue. The multi- surface formulation is a revolutionary formulation designed to accelerate the germ killing power of alcohol, without the use of harsh chemicals.

Kills 36 Germs in 30 Seconds. No Rinse Required

Powerful Germ Kill, PURELL PEACE OF MIND

Canada trusts the Purell brand for effective protection against germs on skin. Now, backed by more than 25 years of scientific expertise, the Purell brand brings you a patented one-step surface sanitizer and disinfectant with Purell Touchable Technology.

Our powerful but low-toxicity formulation means you can disinfect throughout the day as needed.

  • Formulated for food-contact surfaces — no rinse required
  • No health hazard warning statements required
  • No handwashing, gloves or safety glasses required
  • No harsh fumes

Purell Professional Multi-Surface Sanitizer & Disinfectant is effective on 99.9% of germs, including Norovirus, E. coli, Salmonella, Cold & Flu, MRSA, and VRE viruses that can spread rapidly. The patented formulation works fast, killing 36 germs on surfaces in just 30 seconds.


This breakthrough formulation raises the bar for safety in surface disinfection. The whole product formulation and each ingredient are scientifically tested by a third-party to meet stringent safety standards that ensure no presence of chemicals of concern and the lowest levels of ecotoxicity in the product category.


Available online now at or contact us to place your order! There has never been a better time to make sure your business is protected with Purell Peace of Mind sanitizing solutions!

Top 5 Benefits Of Having Hand Sanitizer Dispensers In Your Workplace

Top 5 Benefits Of Having Hand Sanitizer Dispensers In Your Workplace

Top 5 Benefits Of Having Hand Sanitizer Dispensers In Your Workplace

Whether you are looking for control measures to prevent the transmission of covid-19 or an effective way to combat the regular flu season, automatic hand sanitizer dispensers can help minimize exposure in your workplace. Due to vaccination and easing restrictions, more and more businesses are allowing their employees to return to work. However, it also makes it crucial for you to implement public safety strategies in your workplace to ensure the safety of your employees and customers.

You must ensure that your workers feel safe and comfortable returning to the office, store, or warehouse and have access to proper sanitation facilities. Safety guidelines issued by public health authorities in Canada include practicing social distancing, frequently disinfecting your workplaces, and regular hand-washing by employees. Therefore, placing an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser in your business is highly encouraged.

With many high-touch surfaces in workplaces, the virus will spread rapidly with your staff using their hands to write a paper, being careless in shaking hands with a peer or client, opening doors, and much more. With so much exposure, chances are high for your workers to catch an illness that will affect their productivity, leading to monetary loss for your business and your employees.

This is why you must have hand sanitizer dispensers installed at your business facility, irrespective of whether your workers or customers carry their own or not. Continue reading this blog to find out some of the major benefits of having a sanitizer dispenser at your workplace.

Improved Hygiene

Hand sanitizer dispensers are the best option at providing a way for your staff to keep their hands clean at their workplace. To ensure that you prevent the risk of spread from one employee to another or a customer, touch-free or automated dispensers are a perfect solution. It will decrease the likelihood of disease-causing pathogens passing among your workers.

This will ensure a significant decline in office staff getting infected, reduce the number of sick days, and increase your company’s overall productivity and profitability.


Since the amount of sanitizer dispensed by a hand sanitizer dispenser is the same with each use, it ensures that its consumption is economical. It helps avoid waste and spillage of the sanitizer as it is sprayed directly on the user’s hand. This way, you and your employees remain aware of the spending on sanitizing facilities. A touch-free sanitizer dispenser enables you to set a fixed budget and track the cost to help you increase the profits and revenues of your business in the long run.

Durable & Easy To Maintain

Hand sanitizer dispensers that are touch-free are usually made of durable materials that last a long time compared to others. They tend to face far less physical damages due to minimal contact by the user. This makes them a long-term and cost-effective investment for your workers and business. Moreover, nowadays, automatic or no-touch dispensers are designed so that they are easy to maintain and operate.

Easily Accessible

Whether installed on a wall or a designated hand sanitizer station, hand sanitizer dispensers are a convenient way for your workers to maintain and practice hygienic control measures. These dispensers can be installed in offices, breakrooms, workspaces, store entrances, or high traffic areas. Their visible and accessible position will ensure that your staff won’t be tempted to skip regular hand washing.

While mountable hand sanitizer dispensers may seem complex, these are fairly simple to install and set up in basically any location within your work facility.

Changeable Headers

Another great advantage of using hand sanitizer dispensers is that you can replace the empty header with a full one. This means they are a one-time and cost-effective investment. This also allows you to change the type of sanitizer according to preference. Depending on the type of sanitizer you select, there are various options and even a combination of options that you can use to keep your hands clean.

These options include alcohol, alcohol-free, with or without a dye or pigment, antibacterial, fragrance, and fragrance-free. Each of these has useful and individual benefits, to keep you and your employees healthy and eliminate annoying scents from the workplace.

A touch-free or automatic hand sanitizer dispenser is a great way to keep you, your workers, and your customers safe from infectious germs. Having them installed around your work facility makes it clear to everyone that you care about your employees’ health and are committed to promoting healthy hand hygiene practices.

About macbeeners

At macbeeners, we offer an extensive product line in health safety and hygiene products to various businesses across Saskatchewan. Our hand sanitizer dispensers are easy to use and cost-effective while still maintaining quality. For more information about our products and services, get in touch with us by clicking here.